I definitely prefer Dark Souls!

What? Did I just say that.. I did! Watching folks playing Dark Souls and then going on to play Lords of the Fallen.. It just feels really slow. Now Dark Souls doesn’t look like Sonic The Hedgehog or nothing but I got a real craving for it so since Dark Souls 2 and 3 were on sale I decided to grab them both. And then I switched to Dark Souls 2 part way through stream when Lords was annoying me.

I must admit that although it was fun, I found myself at an impasse.. There are these really big dudes (I might use one for the feature image) right near the beginning area. Or after the first Bonfire thing and despite it being the beginning-ish of the game. Two hits and I’m dead. Funnily enough, and I’m sure a lot of Dark Souls 2 people have done this, you can make one of them fall to their deaths off a bridge (or you can fall to your death instant if you prefer.)

Another little funny thing. I didn’t realize that I may be going the wrong way as later I found there may be another path to the left of bonfire instead of all the way to the tough guy place.. Yep you guessed it! I was going the wrong way all along. Although I like the challenge that the big guys give you as they will mess you up and I think I’d like to spent some time there just for the fun of it (I think i’ll make an off-stream character and chill with that).

Oh yeah the starting place is called Majula and oh boy does it have a joke or two designed for you! or me. I’m included too. I assume this is your ‘main hub’ for the game or at least for now (I’ve only played Bloodborne enough to know mechanics of the game and you have the doll-woman and the house as your hub – I’m sure that has name but its been a while.) Anyway so in this town you’ll find a ‘well’ I’m not sure if it is a well exactly or just a death pit. There are treasures on ledges and as soon as I saw this I knew you’d die by going down. I made a remark about leveling up vitality and then surviving the falls BUT still curiosity got the better of me so I tried and I died. The End.

Screenshot (3118)

Is that all Majula has to offer? There’s only one other troll/joke I know about so far (maybe there’s more).. Standing at the bonfire looking towards the big hole in the floor, there’s going to be a house. Around the right hand side of the house you’ve got a couple of quite little piggies!! There’s 3 of them to be precise. Oh wow, Three little pigs.. Isn’t that the nursery rhyme? I made the remark “Little Pig, Little Pig!” but more of a thinking of Negan way.. I didn’t even think about the story of the wolf/fox thingy trying to blow the house down LOL. Anyway yeah you should try and cuddle one of those pigs. They bite.

So already I’ve died about 12 times. The worst part is the losing of the souls. I can go and collect them again after each death only to earn more on the way and die at the same place… If only I could level up. I spent about 2 hours playing this last night. Haven’t leveled up once! Is the game THAT cruel?? No. There’s a woman that you talk to and I spoke to her and she told me I can level up at the Emerald Herald or something like that.. I thought I had to level up at the bonfire.. Only right near the end did I google it and find out that same woman is my level up person.. Much like you talk to the Doll in bloodborne… FAIL!!

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