Meet Dennis…

For of you that watched this live… Dennis isn’t real. I found out today that you can get ‘NPC Invasions’ in Dark Souls 2 (I don’t know about the other games, maybe you can there too) so I googled “NPC Invasion Dark Souls 2 Armo” and the first suggestion was “Armorer Dennis” to finish the search… So for starters I could have attempted to beat Dennis since he’s an NPC. I will not fight real players, at least not this early in game.

So tonight’s stream will have in the title “Dennis will die tonight” because that is what we’re going to do. Maybe I’ll start out in the fire tower place and explore but tonight I’m getting my revenge. Now I may still die to Dennis a lot. He’s apparently got ‘end game gear’ so I think its once again another Dark Souls troll like the little pigs… But even if I must trick Dennis off a cliff, I’ll do it. Heck that Dragonrider guy fell to his death. That was like a 5 second boss fight! I’ll take it!

A few things about Dark Souls 2 that I’m learning is that the coop isn’t very great/strong/active. Now until I have someone actively ready and attempting to join my world (as in a friend in a party that we’re both talking to etc) then I cannot say for certain that the system sucks. I managed to join a few people and help them beat the boss but I was unable to get anyone to join me and help me beat the boss… That is also on the list for tonight’s stream but Dennis is priority. I’m wondering though, If I can perhaps also trick the silver guy off the cliff.. maybe if I position myself to the left against the wall and have him charge at me there then dodge and run near the edge and have him charge at me…. Will he fly right off I wonder..

I like the shortcuts of this game. I’m familiar with them by playing Bloodborne apart from the fact that in Bloodborne it was mostly just doors and nothing to do with exploding barrels to open a section of a wall… I also found out that if you kill an enemy too many times, it no longer respawns so I’m thinking of roaming the Forest repeatedly until everything dies and doesn’t come back to see how far the developers took that ruling. It kinda feels bad in a way because if you kill some enemies and then later one and then kill the same enemies and then die in the process of getting your souls back, you’ve lost the original souls. If you repeat this over and over until all the enemies are gone, you’ll hardly be able to level up… (I suppose this is where the join other worlds thing comes in perhaps)

One last ‘cool’ or ‘funny’ thing that happened to me was with the ‘big shelled turtle dudes’, Just before you get to ‘Dennis Land’ there is a ‘big shelled turtle dude’ near a building and ladder to the roof. Aha you’re remembering… Now there’s also an axe wielding zombie with him so I panicked (didn’t want to attempt fighting both so wanting to get axe guy to chase me then I’ll return) and I climbed up the ladder to the roof and OOPS… There’s a ‘big shelled turtle dude’ on the roof, LOL Fail, turn around there’s another! AND Another!… So to clarifiy, Not 1, Not 2 but 3 ‘Big Shelled Turtle dudes’ waiting on the roof.. What is THAT about?

Screenshot (208).png
Click me for clip

Just a warning to all “If you can’t beat us. You can’t beat Dennis” … FAIL.

Still loving the game though!


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