The Spawn of Dennis

To start off with, I want to say that Dennis is what’s wrong with the world. Whether that be an earthquake, a broken society, a volcano… It’s Dennis. We used to #blameprior for jokes but now in a seriousness #blamedennis is your top priority.

Some good news first! Dennis died again. I never saw Dennis again since the Forest place where we originally met and he fell to his death shortly after me so I never got to test my skills until last night. I got to the Iron Keep, I got invaded by some NPS Woman. She died soon after. A couple of deaths/resets later Dennis actually came by and finally the fight began! I won’t lie he killed me the first time but I got my payback. That didn’t end the Meme’s of Dennis though. We’ve gone too far over the line this time.

In Brightstone Cove Tseldora (The spider place) there are spiders.. Now they’re not too bad. One hanging on a wall can be shot with a crossbow and lured to you and killed fine! A room with 3 spiders get my heart beating a little bit more cuz I panick with all them legs and grossness. But a room with 12?!?!?!?!

Spider Tomb Room CyberFlash Twitch Live Dark Souls
Click Me For The Clip!

I was told that in the vanilla version of the game there are ‘only’ 6 in this room. Even 6 is too many. I didn’t count these ones but there looks to be like 12 or more… They are manageable if you stay at the door and abuse the Greatsword’s attack motions. The slam is most effective here. I still hated this and I actually had to clear this area 3 times due to dying later on in an even worse place.

Yes, now I’m talking about the even worse place. What do you call a spiders home thingy? Is it a nest? Let’s pretend it is. You have to navigate their webs and make your way down to the ground to fight the queen…

Screenshot (3127).png

I don’t want to put too many pictures into this post but you can kinda see the idea here… There are webs going left and right and they serve as your path. The goal is to go from one side to the other whilst making your way down and then you fight the queen. I died here twice due to being freaked out and panicky. As I am writing this I remember what somebody told me.. The spiders won’t attack if i’m holding a torch… I just remembered this because I was about to mention the human people down there that aren’t dead and they’re carrying torches so I suppose that could be the easier way down…

When I first saw the human people I kinda rolled off the web straight down (Misjudged it a lot) and that took most of my health.. Whilst trying to escape I died and had to make my way down here again (There is no bonfire close-by as such) the second time down I just got swarmed and beat up by a combo of people and spiders which sucked but it was less freakish going down this time. I’m pretty sure it was at the place of the above image where I was stood and I checked the twitch chat real quick and the people ‘noticed me’ on the web and actually starting their pathfinding mechanic to try and get to me which is a heck of a lot better than me trying to get to them (They’re separated so its easier to manage) and on the 3 time I made it down. I did almost die again but I managed that too.

I killed the boss in one attempt (I did summon an NPC to be my bait though) and that was nice. A giant two header spider doesn’t freak me out too much. It’s less realistic but nevertheless I’m not looking forward to NG+ where I have to fight “The Duke’s Dear Freja” again. (A.K.A The Real Armorer Dennis).


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