CyberTown now has Pokémon! Phone, tablet, pc, it doesn’t matter, you can play too. You can catch them all with our Pokecord game bot, leveling up through the streets of CyberTown, or go for the nostalgic experience with the myuu game bot. We at CyberTown are calling all gamers, to say, we have a place for you!

What is CyberTown? CyberTown is the name of my Discord Server associated with my twitch account/community – Cyber Flash.

Come walk with us along the streets of Cyber Town, as we are all game fanatics who do everything from stream games, to even make them. Are you a streamer or like watching streamers? Then we have a street just for you. Do you play games and like discussing them, or just talking with other gamers on that fun Friday night? Then we have just the street for you. Do you like D&D? Then we have a street just for you. Do you like making games? Then come speak to us, and who knows what opportunities will present themselves. Do you enjoy games of any type, and would like to be in the company of those who do as well? Then Cyber Town is just the place for you. Join us on discord, @ If you are interested in making a game with CyberFlash, let him know while you are there.

This is what I’ve got for my ‘details’ section on twitch for CyberTown too.

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