The Spawn of Dennis

To start off with, I want to say that Dennis is what's wrong with the world. Whether that be an earthquake, a broken society, a volcano... It's Dennis. We used to #blameprior for jokes but now in a seriousness #blamedennis is your top priority. Some good news first! Dennis died again. I never saw Dennis… Continue reading The Spawn of Dennis


Meet Dennis…

For of you that watched this live... Dennis isn't real. I found out today that you can get 'NPC Invasions' in Dark Souls 2 (I don't know about the other games, maybe you can there too) so I googled "NPC Invasion Dark Souls 2 Armo" and the first suggestion was "Armorer Dennis" to finish the… Continue reading Meet Dennis…


I definitely prefer Dark Souls!

What? Did I just say that.. I did! Watching folks playing Dark Souls and then going on to play Lords of the Fallen.. It just feels really slow. Now Dark Souls doesn't look like Sonic The Hedgehog or nothing but I got a real craving for it so since Dark Souls 2 and 3 were… Continue reading I definitely prefer Dark Souls!